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The staff at Majestic: Who are we really?

The staff at Majestic: Who are we really? We are the ones who greet you as familiars, serve you as family, and party with you as friends. We won’t hesitate to wake you for the northern lights, we think after dinner parties are best by bonfires, and we may be the first to say “yes” to a round of shots. Our goal is to give you a memorial experience both on the mountain and in the lodge, and we take our jobs just as seriously as we take our relationships with you. One of the coolest aspects about Majestic, aside from the obvious incredible heli skiing, is the mesh of personalities that make up the anatomy of the business. We’re a small staff of 19, and every position we fill is crucial to maintaining a five star experience. It’s not just the jobs that we do that make it a five star experience, though; it’s our charisma, backstories and connectivity both between ourselves and the guests. But aside from the titles of “guide,” “chef,” etc., who are we really? You can check out job bios abou…

For the first time heli skier

For the first time heli skier Here it is. Your moment of utter solitude. Snow is still whipping into your face—the only indication a thundering 3,000-pound machine had been, just moments before, three feet away. You knew it left, you heard the roar of the rotor as it lifted into the air and felt the battering wind grow stronger. But then, as it dived over the edge, it’s as if a heavy blanket dropped over the peaks. Absolute silence. It’s mysterious how mountains can completely mask any and all sound, save wind on gusty days. So you find yourself 6,000-feet up in the middle of Alaska’s Chugach mountains with your small ski group, but no one is saying anything yet; just listening, barely moving, taking in a panorama of sparkling glaciers, sunlit pinnacles and unblemished blankets of deep, glistening powder. And before your guide moves into action—before you wake from your reverie and remember the freaking awesome thing you’re about to do—in that moment of stillness, you feel absolutely …