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We are excited to have purchased a new snowcat for Majestic Heli Ski for the 2014 season.  It's a Bombardier 275 with a 14 passenger cabin in the back.  We bought this beauty from Steamboat Powdercats; they are upgrading to more powerful BR 350s to homogenize their fleet of four snowcats.  It really ended up being a win for both of us, we needed a nice snowcat and Steamboat wanted to make sure they don't end-up creating a competitor in Colorado.

Here's a photo of us breaking "Felix" down for transport.  The gang at Sunlight Mountain Resort are kind enough to let us store Felix there for the summer and do some maintenance before we ship to Alaska for the 2014 season.

Notice the lead guide getting his hands dirty!
The bottom line: No more worries about getting weathered out when you come helicopter skiing with Majestic Heli Ski.  We are one of the few helicopter skiing companies in Alaska that has a back-up option when the clouds keep us from flying... not that clo…