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Helicopters are like a magical carpet ride, taking us to some of the most improbable places on earth, so it's natural that we get a lot of questions about these amazing machines.  Here are answers to some of the most common questions:
HOW FAST DO THEY GO?  The typical helicopter we use cruises at about 115-130 kts, which equates to as fast as a 150 mph!
HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THEY HOLD? Our A-Star and Bell 407 helicopters can hold 5 clients, 1 guide and 1 pilot for a total of 7 "souls" on-board. Other operations will use the Bell 212 which can carry up to 12 people on-board. 

WHAT KIND OF WEATHER CAN WE FLY IN?  OR NOT IN?  We operate under the FAA's Visual Flight Rules (VRF) Regulations, which means we cannot fly into clouds.  The pilot needs to be able to "see and avoid" obstacles and other aircraft.  We can fly in snow and rain, but we need to have at least ½ mile of visibility to be &q…
Majestic Heli Ski was named Outside Magazines “Best Splurge” of 2014!

See Majestic Heli Ski in Outside Magazine
Outside’s 2014 Ski-Season Travel Awards From slope-side tacos to new green initiatives and bucket splurges, we pick our favorite things of the 2014 ski season. Or simply stop by to find out more!

Top 10 Myths about Helicopter Skiing

1.You have to jump out of the helicopter
You might snicker at this one, but a surprising number of skiers think that we make you jump out of the helicopter.Unless your name is James Bond and you are in a hurry to chase some kind of demented snow villain down a mountain, there is no jumping out of the helicopter.Each run starts with the pilot landing the helicopter and before we unload.The biggest step you’ll make out of the helicopter is about the same size as taking a step out of an SUV.
2.You have to be a top-notch expert to go heli skiing
This is another myth perpetuated by the movies.The reality is that most of our guests tend to ski at a strong intermediate to expert level.If you can ski a tough Blue Square run in any condition or a single Black Diamond with minor difficulties, then we can take you to heli ski terrain that fits you.Our guests come because they value their time and want a quality ski experience with memories that last a lifetime.We have over a million acres of terra…
We are excited to have purchased a new snowcat for Majestic Heli Ski for the 2014 season.  It's a Bombardier 275 with a 14 passenger cabin in the back.  We bought this beauty from Steamboat Powdercats; they are upgrading to more powerful BR 350s to homogenize their fleet of four snowcats.  It really ended up being a win for both of us, we needed a nice snowcat and Steamboat wanted to make sure they don't end-up creating a competitor in Colorado.

Here's a photo of us breaking "Felix" down for transport.  The gang at Sunlight Mountain Resort are kind enough to let us store Felix there for the summer and do some maintenance before we ship to Alaska for the 2014 season.

Notice the lead guide getting his hands dirty!
The bottom line: No more worries about getting weathered out when you come helicopter skiing with Majestic Heli Ski.  We are one of the few helicopter skiing companies in Alaska that has a back-up option when the clouds keep us from flying... not that clo…
Majestic Heli Ski is proud to announce prospective membership status with the US Heli Ski Association.  The US Heli Ski Association is an industry collective of helicopter skiing operations in the lower 48 states and Alaska dedicated to creating a safe heli ski industry through standardization and training.  Majestic Heli Ski is excited to share and learn with it's industry brethren to strengthen the industry as a whole while creating a safe skiing operation.

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New name and location accouncement

For immediate release: June 19, 2013

Alaskan helicopter skiing company changes name and location for 2014 heli ski season
Kenai Heli Ski announces name and location change to Majestic Heli Ski and the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge
Sutton, Alaska – Kenai Heli Ski, an upscale helicopter skiing company, announced today that the company has changed its name to Majestic Heli Ski effective immediately in conjunction with relocating operations to the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge.The lodge is located in Sutton, Alaska, which allows for direct access to the Chugach Mountain Range.At the same time, the company unveiled a new identity and Web site,
“Our relocation to the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge lets us access some of the world’s most remote and exclusive terrain, in Alaska’s Central Chugach Mountains, while providing for world-class accommodations and services” said Kenai Heli Ski’s co-owner Njord Rota. “Changing our name reflects the change in location and …

New post for helicopter skiing

This blog is going to discuss helicopter skiing in Alaska from Majestic Heli Ski's operation in the Chugach Mountain.

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