Full Membership in Heli-Ski US

Majestic Heli Ski achieves full membership in Heli-Ski U.S.

GLACIER VIEW, AK – Majestic Heli Ski is pleased to announce full membership in the HELI SKI U.S. Association.  “We are proud to have reached this lofty milestone,” Majestic Heli Ski owner Njord Rota stated “our full membership status validates the high level of safety and professionalism that we bring to the helicopter skiing industry”. 

Full Membership in the HELI-SKI U.S. association involves passing a rigorous audit of the various aspects that are required to conduct a safe and enjoyable helicopter skiing experience.  The audit examined important subjects such as our Safety and Operations Program, Aircraft and Pilot training, Ground Operations, Snow Stability and Hazard Evaluation, Emergency Response Planning, and Guide Qualification and Experience. “The audit is an excellent tool for an independent outside agency to take a close look at us and make sure we are doing all the things necessary for a safe and efficient operation while providing the highest level of guest care.  HELI SKI U.S. also provided several suggestions on how we could improve, which we implemented in to our program” stated Rota. 

Majestic Heli Ski is a helicopter skiing company located in the North central portion of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains.  Majestic Heli Ski specializes in providing all-inclusive luxury skiing adventures with the convenience of being two hours from the Anchorage International Airport.

Visit www.majesticheliski.com for more information. Contact Majestic Heli Ski, at 1-800-559-8691 or by email to info@majesticheliski.com.
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