Thursday, June 27, 2013

Majestic Heli Ski is proud to announce prospective membership status with the US Heli Ski Association.  The US Heli Ski Association is an industry collective of helicopter skiing operations in the lower 48 states and Alaska dedicated to creating a safe heli ski industry through standardization and training.  Majestic Heli Ski is excited to share and learn with it's industry brethren to strengthen the industry as a whole while creating a safe skiing operation.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

New name and location accouncement

For immediate release: June 19, 2013



Alaskan helicopter skiing company changes name and location for 2014 heli ski season

Kenai Heli Ski announces name and location change to Majestic Heli Ski and the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge

Sutton, Alaska – Kenai Heli Ski, an upscale helicopter skiing company, announced today that the company has changed its name to Majestic Heli Ski effective immediately in conjunction with relocating operations to the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge.  The lodge is located in Sutton, Alaska, which allows for direct access to the Chugach Mountain Range.  At the same time, the company unveiled a new identity and Web site,

“Our relocation to the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge lets us access some of the world’s most remote and exclusive terrain, in Alaska’s Central Chugach Mountains, while providing for world-class accommodations and services” said Kenai Heli Ski’s co-owner Njord Rota. “Changing our name reflects the change in location and our permanent partnership to the Majestic Wilderness Lodge.”

Majestic Heli Ski has two helicopters for skiers and snowboarders to take daily trips.  The company is also one of the few helicopter skiing operators that provides a snowcat for skiing in inclement weather that prevents the helicopters from flying.

The company offers three, five, and weeklong packages that include transportation from Anchorage to the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge, lodging, meals, guides, terrain and equipment (which includes both skis and avalanche airbags).  Majestic Heli Ski also offers private weeklong packages, which includes the entire lodge and a dedicated helicopter.

“We take safety seriously,” Rota said. “We are the only company that provides free avalanche airbags to our clients.  We also offer logistical support and we do not ‘nickel-and-dime’ our clients to death with these add-ons.”

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The ultimate powder skiing experience is now available with Majestic Heli Ski. Located in Sutton, Alaska and the Chugach Mountain Range, Majestic Heli Ski offers access to hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine mountains, luring skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. 

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